Liz Rizo Is Going To Shut You Down, Or At Least Try To Milk Some Fame Out Of It

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Liz Rizo is trying to shut you down Nik!

Liz Rizo is trying to shut you down Nik!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. I saw this and could not stop laughing. Here is Liz Rizo making a documentary from her Mom’s ghetto home, talking about how her life is ruined because of your bullying. But you see, she brings it all on herself. See, she was never the popular girl in high school (only with men) and never really had any friends. After she popped out two kids, she started working at Hooters and then discovered pepsi. She used that til she was skinny, started wearing the whole mac store (her sister steals makeup from there for her) and started getting hair tips from her gay best friend, who’s a drag queen, Marcus. So now what do you have? You color on your face like a 4 year old who draws outside the lines (you actually look like Hatchet face from the movie Cry Baby) you wear the rattiest hair extensions, and have the smelliest skin color. I’m sure she’s off the pepsi now because she doesn’t have the money but did all her exes know that she used to f*ck her trainer from Genesis, Dallas, for free sessions? HA! She really is an attention seeking wh*re who will do just about anything for money. And how am I sure of this? She had Patrick Lomantini post these posts about her to get her name out there, then he used her to gain recognition for his brand, and NOW she is working for him after she taped the Dr. Phil show talking about how Nik ruined her life. The problem here, Liz, is that you deserve to be put on blast. You have NEVER done anything for anybody. You are fake to their face and will go behind their back and lie, cheat, and steal. That’s the worst type of scum in my opinion. You are never at home with your children, and when you rarely are, you don’t even know how to parent them, so your mom has to step in. (By the way, you mom does phenomenal photoshop work to all of your pictures, ha) You’re just sad and pathetic. The only reason I give a d*mn is because I actually DO care about certain charities here in Wichita and I TRY to make an effort. I just don’t “promote” a charity with my fake personality and fake looks and stop caring once the event is over. You need a reality check. Oh and I posted a close up face shot of her without the manipulations and hours it takes to fix her face through photoshop. This is what she looks like in person. Nik, please put some sense in this wannabe celebrity.

Liz, if you want people to stop submitting you than get a real job and stop demanding attention from anyone.- nik

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