Long Live N List Star LeAnn Rimes

Long Live N List Star LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes was caught by paparazzi at LAX and clearly she wanted them to know she’s a big star (N-List, my version of no-list).

As they called out “LeAnn,” she completely ignored them, not even acknowledging them with a glance. It’s like she thinks she’s Celine Dion or something … only Celine even takes the time for paparazzi and fans.

LeAnn hasn’t had a chart topping hit in a while, so she should be happy people still want to talk to her.

Rudeness aside, her look is completely on point. She still looks ok at 34, wearing a low cut top that complements her well. A push-in bra that helps the the Refund Gap. Even her ripped jeans fit flawlessly, showing off her malnourished physique.

Long live LeAnn Rimes!


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