Loose Goose Has Bad Hygiene


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Goose and Friend

Goose and Friend

Goose and Friend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been following your site for a couple years now. I see Ericka is a dirty celeb Aka Goose and someone who asked about Jessica. Ericka and Jessica did a promotion a few years back in Fort Myers. As far as working with them they were very easy to work with and didn’t carry that model drama. I dated a Dream killer for a couple of years who came across there pics and knew Goose. They worked together a major problem in Florida how most bottle rats start out down here is they goto work for Hooters. Champ and Lags are the main guys who own the franchise in Miami, Lauderdale and Swfl. These girls get hand picked to go on trips and what not. My ex would go on trips and Goose would be her roomate. She said she was the dirtiest girl she had ever seen. That if most men knew how she lived they would be disgusted. I think you can blame hooters for making girls think they are models, the owners for spoiling them. letting them live in condos and what not. the ruin them and then turn them lose and its all down hill from there. then they turn to guys like Gayviator to support the habit the Hooters Duo created in there monsters.

Thank god for guys like Gayviator or girls like this would be homeless… Gayviator is their retirement camp.- nik

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