Loptimus Prime Needs To Be Upgraded


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Loptimus prime needs to be upgraded.

Loptimus prime needs to be upgraded.

Loptimus prime needs to be upgraded.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you are the sh*t. Your opinions have given me too many laughs. To the point though. I went to school with the Weave and she always looked good in her myspace pics. Then I saw her on BGC and I was like “whoaaa this thing got wider and grew a penis while paying an Asian to airbrush her eyebrows “. Then the reuinion came on and she obviously wised up and sanded down her wide body kit and got rid of the lowrider eyebrows (we are still talking about a car right). She looked a lot better. She still post pics daily, but they are all blurry as fck. Everyone is still like “OMG you’re so pretty” and I’m just like come on Loptimus, for being a transformer (I mean from a guy to girl type of way). You should have some high quality prime images.

I hate girls who try to hide their real looks with blurry images. Loptimus Prime, it is ok to focus on real life.- nik

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