THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, here’s a loser you should put on blast. His name is Daryl but prefers to be called Rhail Bawr. He is a veteran of the military who has an online show titled Headshot Radio but it used to be called “The Chad and Rhail Show.” He thinks his sh*t don’t stink because he served our country yet he has no ounce of respect towards civilians. He doesn’t have a job and relies on his fat cow of a wife to pay for everything. He constantly makes fun of people with disabilities and accuses friends of stalking him when they’re just trying to help promote his crappy radio show. Put this douchebag on blast and let the world know that just because you served in the military doesn’t mean you can stomp on the rest of America’s citizens.

Nice phone case..what is that a Side kick.- nik