EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop star Benzino – Slaps Baby Mama Althea with Lawsuit Over Newborn Son

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop star Benzino – Slaps Baby Mama Althea with Lawsuit Over Newborn Son

The Dirty has discovered Love & Hip Hop star Benzino has sued his baby mama Althea Eaton over their newborn son … and the reality star heading to court demanding he be found the true and biological father of his kid … one of the first steps in obtaining custody in family legal battles.

Back in June, Althea filed a Petition for Temporary Protective Order against her baby daddy Benzino on in Georgia Court. She pleaded for a restraining order claiming Benzino had threatened her, stopped her from calling for help, held her against her will, stalked her and had been violent in the presence of her children and threatened to take away their newborn son over the course of several month.

Althea said she feared that without a restraining order he will continue to stalk, harass and possibly hurt her.

Months prior to her filing the legal docs, the two welcomed a baby boy named Zino into the world. The joy was short lived and the couple battled it out for several months on social media.

The two faced off in court soon after and the judge granted Althea’s petition for a restraining order by ordering Benzino to stay 500 yards away from his fiancé and ordered her primary custody and temporary support. Then following the court heart, despite being warned by the judge not to talk to her baby daddy, Althea confronted him outside the court.

As a result, she was thrown in jail for 10 days for contempt of court and was released after serving the full sentenced.

Then recently, Benzino headed to court and slapped his baby mama with his own lawsuit … all over their newborn son. The reality star filed a legitimate lawsuit against Althea in which he is seeking to have the court order he is the true and biological father of his son.

Benzino is taking the first step to establishing paternity for his kid, so he will now be able to pursue custody and visitation legally … which parents are unable to do if they are officially recognized by the court.


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