Luiz Lins The Fake Slimeball

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Luiz Lins the fake slimeball

Luiz Lins the fake slimeball

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this 31yrs old slimeball calls himself Luiz Lins aka Twin Lincecum, he claims he is Brazilian and post stupid videos on youtube, asking the real Tim Lincecum to give him a million dollars for no reason other than he is a taxi driver with no future other than looking a little like Tim, his new gig is using his semi fame to lure young girls that love the REAL TIM LINCECUM into his trap, he is currently married to a 16yrs old girl on facebook and he posts daily on her facebook page how he is in love with her and vise-versa she claims they’ve been involved romantically, now I dont know the rules in California but a slimeball using his semi fame and notoriety and this girls lust for the real Tim Lincecum when he is 31yrs old and she is 16yrs old doesn’t seem right! another case of parents not knowing who there young daughter is meeting over the internet, help expose this sleazeball for what he really is a scumbag fake pedo that’s useless an no talent immigrant in California begging others ($1million) who have worked hard for their money.

The sad part is that he has better teeth than the real Tim Lincecum.- nik

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