Lydia McLaughlin – “Felt Called” To Leave RHOC

Lydia McLaughlin – “Felt Called” To Leave RHOC

Recently, The Dirty posted an exclusive rumor we’ve heard that Lydia McLaughlin is returning as a full time cast member for season 12 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

While we’ve tried racking our brains to figure out why Bravo would potentially bring her back- as she wasn’t overly dramatic or memorable- looking through her 2015 book, Beyond Orange County, has some interesting insights that call into question why she would want to return.

In the third chapter, McLaughlin discusses her discontent with the show, writing, “While we were filming our reunion episode, there was a moment where Vicki and her daughter were going at each other over Vicki’s boyfriend, Brooks. I remember sitting on the couch, having nothing to do with the conflict or the drama but feeling so sad. How did I end up here?… This is not entertainment to me anymore.”

“I sensed the Holy Spirit inside me saying, You don’t have to be here,” she added.

Later in the book, she writes about her decision to leave the show, stating, “I didn’t feel it in my heart of hearts that I was called to do another season of the show. If I was being honest with myself, I felt called to walk away.”

She did hint at a possible return, though, stating, “Perhaps Doug and I will one day return to reality TV, or even to The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

While she did add that in, leaving a potential return open ended, it calls to question why she would want to return to a show she describes as making her feel sad and one in which she felt she was religiously called to walk away from.

Could it be that she misses the fame, money, and spotlight, as not a ton has been heard from/of her since she departed the show? While she may say no, that’s the only reason we can come up with that she would want to go back to something she more or less describes not enjoying the experience of.

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