Lying Cheating Creep Makes His Way Around The Midwest

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Lying, Cheating, Creep making his way around the Midwest

Lying, Cheating, Creep making his way around the Midwest

Lying, Cheating, Creep making his way around the Midwest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Spencer Icarus Kennedy is scum. In fact he is less useful than scum. This sad excuse for a human being pretty much preys on anyone that gets near him. First off he is in his late 30’s and hangs around girls and others that have just got out of high school. Not only hanging out with these girls but hitting on them and feeding them drugs till they are messed up enough to take advantage of. Sending naked pictures of himself to girls barley legal and more rumors of him hitting on ones that are not, everyday. The loser is sick in many ways, not only a drug pusher and a predator, but also a thief. Working as a promoter he lines djs up for shows and steals tons of cash from them and other promoters he works with. Spencer is not even his real name. He has many names he works under. Most likely to dodge anyone trying to find out his background. Some one like this must have a large record or a even worse things behind him than what is present. The a-hole can’t even walk into a gas station without stealing something. He is a crook in every since of the word. Stealing from anyone that calls him friend or foe. I’m sure he would steal the purse off his own grandmother if given the chance. If you want to find this guy you need look no further than a pack of 16 year old girls rolling. I’m sure he is right there with them pushing more drugs, trying to get numbers, and rolling right along with them. Spencer Kennedy is not sick, he is a sickness and you need to keep a eye out for him because once he wears out a welcome in one city he moves on to the next. His hit list so far that we know of… Columbia, Kansas City, Cedar Rapids, and now he is moving on to Omaha.

Raves are a pedo’s paradise.- nik

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