Lying Motorcycle Thief

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THE DIRTY ARMY:Ok so nik this boy’s name is Dj Angelo or his nickname “Kawi Guy” This little punk is a manipulative, thieving rat. You will recognize him from that stupid Kawasaki tattoo he has on his arm. My best friend and DJ were suppose to trade motorcycle’s, he said “I’ll buy you one and I’ll keep yours” Because she accidentally bought a motorcycle with no title and did not know what to do with it. So he offered help. He was never going to buy her a motorcycle, all he gave a fuck was about taking the bike from her, and he knew, that if it did not have a title, she couldn’t report it stolen. He ruined her and her boyfriends relationship because he knew, that if her dude was out of the way he could get what he was after. “What’s yours is mine right?” He also left her in debt with the bank because he over drafter her credit card, and he rode that motorcycle to the rims and added miles. For 2 solid months she waited patiently, I do not blame her, she is too nice. When she finally had enough she asked for the bike back and he refused to give it to her. I just want this punk ass bitch put on blast, and she isn’t the only one he’s fcked over. He sold is grandmother’s car and both of his mothers motorcycles. He is a drop out and refuses to get a job and depends on other people like a leach. He stole my best friend’s motorcycle after she asked for it back. Don’t let this guy on your bike, you wont see it again. btw, that’s the white bike he stole from her. 2006 HONDA VFR INTERCEPTER 800c, and put stupid monster stickers on it.

Nice tattoo work.  Did you want it to look like it was done by highlighters?- nik

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