Maci, Catelynn, and Farrah Talk Leaving Teen Mom OG

Maci, Catelynn, and Farrah Talk Leaving Teen Mom OG

With any reality show, there’s always slews of casting rumors after- and during- each season, and the Teen Mom franchise is no different.

International Business Times recently talked to Teen Mom OG stars Maci BookoutCatelynn Lowell, and Farrah Abrhaam on when- if ever- they ever plan on leaving the show.Bookout dished that, “There’s not really a timeframe. I want to be a part of it as long as I feel like it is having a good impact on the audience and my family and things like that.”

Lowell added that, “Personally, I say as long as the show is educating people and still helping people and staying real and honestly, Tyler and I always said we would continue to do it. As soon as it starts going to be scripted or nobody’s just interested, then end it. But every day I get a message on social media about how I’ve helped somebody or inspired somebody to do something… that’s the only reason why we do it.”

As for Abraham, she shared that, “I definitely enjoy the experience and I think ‘Teen Mom’ has just been a running top show for Viacom, MTV, this network and if it is doing its job then it needs to stay.”

Based on this, it definitely sounds like these women won’t be departing the show anytime soon and, from the ratings, we expect the show will be on the air for quite some time to come.

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