EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee Explains Her View Of Briana DeJesus Joining Teen Mom 2

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee Explains Her View Of Briana DeJesus Joining Teen Mom 2

Recently, The Dirty exclusively posted Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans‘s reaction/refusal to give a reaction regarding Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus joining Teen Mom 2 as a full time cast member.

We caught up with DeJesus’s former Teen Mom 3 co-star MacKenzie McKee to get her reaction to DeJesus being on the show and garner her response to rumors we’ve heard circulating that she’s upset with DeJesus being on the show.

“I don’t read articles,” McKee exclusively shared with us. “So my way of finding out was waking up to hundreds of shocked Snapchat followers messaging me about it.”

“It is a bit of a shock looking at the difference in our following,” McKee began with responding about DeJesus getting cast instead of her, “but Bri is my good friend. I love her dearly, and I am nothing more but happy for her. She knows that.”

“MTV put on the show who they thought people would like best or get the show the best ratings,” she continued. “I think this world really needs to learn to be happier for one another.”

McKee had more to say, adding that, “She (DeJesus) did kind of fall off the face of the earth for a bit, getting her normal life back, and getting rid of all her social media accounts. Me and my manager talked her into getting them back up and going, and getting her following back. I helped get her on Family Therapy and here she is back on Teen Mom 2.”

“She is a great girl,” McKee noted, “and I can’t wait for viewers to dig into where she is now.”

As for McKee, she’s got big things happening, telling us that, “I’m so excited for my future and I know big things are coming my way. Stay tuned.”


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