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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lovely lil’ sukkubus Laura Simon Has got to be one of the most conniving, two timing, homewreckin b*tches I have come across. If you are in the San Diego area and you see this b*tch…….. RUN!!! She was my girlfriend for 2 years living at my house eating my food then one day I found out she f*cked my best friend of 10 years. Now if that wasnt bad enough here is the kicker, I found out that she slept with him on my birthday while she was “supposed” to be at a family wedding. But wait it gets better. So she decides to kick me while I’m down and start going out with the guy. But Karma O’ sweet Karma!! she was only in a relationship for 4 months before she had a 3-some with HIS best friend and some chick. Shout-out to Nikki holmes by the way a great lil’ sloot!!! But back to laura…. Arbys melt anyone??? This cold b*tch has no problem f*cking you taking your money living in your house then finding your best friend and f*cking him too. She currently resides in san diego with her P.O.S boyfriend living in a trailer park with one hand firmly around a 12 pack and the other on a random greg. Man, this is the greatest website in the world!

Your mad cause she slept with your friend??  that bad that you don’t condone any of your friends sleeping with her eh…must carry the drd.- nik

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