Make Up Does Wonders


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Make Up Does Wonders

Make Up Does Wonders

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick’s name is Judith and walks around Tucson like her sh*t doesn’t stink. But really this little midgit wh*rebag needs to get a reality check. This b*tch has f*cked half of Tucson and even got prego when she was still in high school! She claims daddy has all these hook ups at clubs in Tucson and Phoenix and she’s able to get in without any problems… I’m calling bullsh*t, I’m pretty sure if she were to get into any club it would be for blowing a door guy or two. She’s always hating on Tucson and claiming ASU is better… That’s proably cuz she just wants to go up to Phoenix and f*ck half of that population too. Anyway, as you can see she wears about 3 pounds of make up and pushes up those nasty t*ts as far out as she possible can to get the attention off her gut she tries sucking in so much. A few weeks ago she went to this 18+ thing at Centro and got into a “fight” and got her fake weave pulled out all over the dance floor… How f*cking classy is that? So Nik, would you?

Thanks for the nightmares…this guy has stars to direct gregs into its mouth and its teeth are rotting off.- nik

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