Malari King

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Don’t even get me started With this girl Her name is Malari Baker But She goes by Malari king She’s nasty and likes to sleep with everyone she meets * Guys* She Steals peoples stuff Outta there house and Lies To much Don’t believe a word that comes Outta that Girls mouth, She thinks shes all that when She ain’t She’s nothing she’ll hangout with people and talk shit behind there back. That ain’t no Friend right ? She’s dirty , she sleeps with peoples boyfriends. she doesn’t care if that Person is in a Relationship she’ll sleep with anyone she meets. She steals Off her Family that’s sad isn’t it? She does creak , takes peoples pills Who does that But then again she has something wrong with her if shes doing that Takes her Grandmas pills like sleeping Pills.. She’s messed She Stays Out on the streets all night hangouts with a bunch of Guys, She’ll go into a Relationship and she’ll Fck them and tell them that she loves them more then anything and then dips on them shes a player Big one actually . She sleeps with peoples baby dads She’ll chill with peoples boyfriends when her man is Locked Up everyone knows this girl How? The things she does, she went too parkview school. She steal’s peoples Underwear after the person is done wearing them What else can i say shes Gross. shes a lying two face bitch. She chills everywhere. She should of been on here already, But Guess not. She has stuff from opening her legs all the time. The nasty dirty bitch I have ever meet .

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