Malin Akerman Not A Fan Of Less Leg Room On Planes

Malin Akerman Not A Fan Of Less Leg Room On Planes

Actress/Model Malin Akerman was seen departing for a flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California, when the paparazzi asked her about all the airline drama that has been going on.

Specifically, when questioned about “what do you do when you’re sitting next to some a**hole people,” Akerman took the high road and said, “I don’t know. What are you gonna do? That’s life.” 

Akerman was also asked about reports that American Airlines was going to be reducing legroom.

“Oh that’s too bad, because I’ve got long legs,” Ackerman stated.

She kept it classy as ever, though, adding that, “You know what, it is what it is. We’re lucky that we even get to travel.”

We enjoyed the clip of Ackerman not only for her class and decorum, but for her nice demeanor when talking to the press. More should act like Ackerman. We decided.

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