Malpractice Is At It Again


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Malpractice Is At It Again

Malpractice Is At It Again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, at last night’s Nickelback concert Malpractice was in her true form. Being the greg sucker she is and hanging out with and on (although it was not wanted) the drummer for Nickelback at the aftershow party. She to this day still thinks everyone likes her, when in reality they don’t and they try their hardest to get away from her. Unfortunately she’s a psycho stalker goupie and the guys find out only AFTER they give her their number, making it too late to escape her in any way! She made it (or should I say those huge fake boobs) made it onto the big screen more than once. I happened to look at the screen and took a photo of it. According to her facebook page, it was the best night of her life. Ever. I wonder if it was the best night of her life ever, because she was hit over the head with a bottle backstage? No mention of that moment on her facebook page! I did find a photo on her facebook page without makeup! Holy Scary! Tiffany….people don’t like you…maybe someday you’ll get it. Until then, I hope the bottle to the head is harder next time!

I wonder if Malpractice is still bitter at Jenny McCarthy for stealing her man?- nik

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