Malpractice Vs The Truth

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanted to say KUDOS to Keirsten Taylor! Thats the catfish who fooled Malpractice into believing that she was going to receive 2 pairs of Loubies for NYE! LOL!!  Now, onto business..To Nik and the dirty army: can someone please explain how this pig went from HUGE to skinny w an ITG in less than 2 months??! Minus the fact she wears at least 2 bras under her shirt in every photo to hide her deep refund gap, it has to be an iphone photoshop app. I do not believe that this cow who constantly talks about sitting around, drinking wine, and eating “fat kid dinners” like pasta and cupcakes can magically lose over 30 pds that fast w/o smoking massive amounts of speed/meth. Hmmm maybe thats why her teeth are so disgusting and she cant hold down a job?? P.S. please expose the photoshop fails in her photos bc she swears theyre “real”. I mean, look at the size of her MASSIVE THIGHS in the first photo!! Its disgusting.

Why does she wear two bras if her rack is fake? I’m a firm believer that all +2’s should be free of communist bras.- nik

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