Malpractice’s Epic FAIL

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Malpractice’s Epic FAIL. Thrown out of backstage (2x), the pit and ultimately the venue.  Last week in Denver, Malpractice and a friend were at the Incubus/Linkin Park show in Denver.  Not sure whose greg she sucked to get them but they had all access laminates. Regardless of who gave them to her, her and her friend were tossed out of backstage during Incubus’ set not once but TWICE. She was bawling her eyes out and had to go to a horrid seat because she wasn’t allowed anywhere else. (There is video (albeit it not the best quality) of her bawling and pleading with security to let her go backstage again. She was DENIED.). She was texting someone like crazy, but no one seemed to come “rescue” her as she thinks she is entitled to be where she isn’t wanted. Between sets, she and her friend decided to use their passes to get down front into the pit. There were many unhappy concertgoers. They had been there for a few hours and weren’t about to give up their spots to whores.  She was telling people she was a “relative” of someone in Incubus and had an all access pass and could go where she wanted.  Security already had their eyes on her. She was quickly confronted and told she could not be in there. She again pulled the “I can do what I want I have a laminate  card.” Security didn’t care. She kept denying that she was thrown out of backstage. (It was pretty funny to hear her say so when I knew the truth as the person who kicked her out happens to be a friend of mine!) They already had issues with her that night and were over her “I’m better than all of you because I have this pass attitude”. She was instructed to get out of the pit.  Her friend kept telling her they needed to do what they were told before they got thrown out.  4 security guys later, some threats from individuals in the pit, she was escorted out of the pit and APPLAUSE broke out as she was walking away.  Apparently she kept up her antics and was not only booted from backstage and the pit, but was also kicked out of the venue.  Her options were:  1. Find a ride home. 2. Go to Detox.  Not sure which option she chose.  I would assume she had to call her mommy to rescue her as it was obvious that NO ONE on that tour was going to come “save the damsel in distress!”. Tiffany…you are about to be 86’d from ALL Denver venues. What will you do then? Move to yet another city? Please…do us all that favor!  PS – No matter how much DNA you swallow, you will NEVER be a family member of someone in Incubus.

I want the video.- nik

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