Man Sloot Of Burnaby

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Man hoe of Burnaby

Man hoe of Burnaby

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kyle Holloway he is the biggest user and abuser i have ever met. All he does is use girls for sex and lead them on. Not only is he a player he thinks he is the sexiest person out there. He told my friend he wouldn’t hook up with her because she was 17 but he hooks up with her then tried to have sex with her friend while she is there. He is so hung up on himself. He is a total loser he can’t get a real job and lives off of his mom and treats her like sh*t. If he’s not drinking every night he’s off playing with some girls emotions or hanging out with his cocky friends. When he was dating this girl he was apparently in love with he cheated on her over 20 times, yup 20 and no not with the same girl it was a different girl everytime. You never know what this kid could have so be careful girls. He likes to go clubbing and pick up random girls then treat them like sh*t the next day half the time. I dont know what you think but i think this kid needs to be told, he’s not the sh*t.

How can you be a man sloot when your resemble a woman so much.- nik

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