Mandy Whorehouser

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, so Nik….this repulsive overly big chested, no ass, thinks her shit don’t stink girl is named Mandy. She is from Salisbury but has mostly resided in a run down camper at Badin Lake. She calls it her “lake house” to sound like her family has money, when in reality they don’t because they spend it all on her spoiled ass. She put me on here and lied to one of our mutual friends just to be closer with her. SHE IS A PSYCHO!!! From what I hear she married a marine just so she could get her tit’s reduced from an I to a small d. Which in reality all that sloot needed to do was get off her fat ass and walk!!! Now she looks even bigger!! She claims she is a size five but her friend Tiffany(who is nasty too)says that Mandy actually weighs 180lbs! Which is ok i guess….but don’t lie about it. I swear when this bitch looks in the mirror she thinks she a victoria secret’s model or something!! ahaha All I want is for this bitch is to get a reality check!!! What do you think, is she hot Nik, or just Krusty??

Nobodies looking for a reason.  No doubt she had to ask for that picture.- nik

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