Marci Rae Taylor

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK This is Marci Rae Taylor, where do I even start. This woman is a manipulative user and a pathological liar. Not to mention a walking back of stds, herpes to name one of the many. This woman will suck you in, pretending to be kind and use you until there is nothing left. She makes up lies about anyone she comes in contact with. She’s a rat and a cop caller and even involves small children in her fucked up mess she creates. She is.NOT to be trusted. She will tell you something like she has cancer or that her boyfriend is a psycho or that has mother has dementia which is all entirely false. She will cause fights between you and your family while smearing your name all over the place. She’s a nasty person who needs to be taught a lesson. I honestly believe she is sick in the mind!!!!! This woman is severely psychotic and will try to ruin your life while enjoying every sick moment of it. ****BE WARNED LINCOLN COUNTY!!!!****

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