Married And Cheating

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet MATHIEU GOVIA. i met this cheating assh*le on a internet chat site. he seemed nice and honest and friendly so i decided to meet up with him when he was here in the city. he told me he worked out of the province as a firefighter so for the time being i couldnt see his place because he was staying with his sister who i now know is his wife. we went on a number of dates, he paid for everything including a couple of expensive gifts. our relationship lasted over 6 months until a friend of mine showed me his picture and told me HE WAS JUST MARRIED THIS SUMMER AND WAS NOW CHEATING ON HIS WIFE. i found out her name is Rachelle. this is a warning for his new wife so if you know her please let her know that her new husband has been cheating on her for nearly 6 months now and i doubt im the only one hes been cheating with. to make things worse my sister told me that her things were missing along with a large sum of cash and the only person who was in our place was Mat and so i had no choice but to break it off with him and thank god i did! This douchebag is a cheater a liar and a thief and i hope his wife has enough sense to leave this garbage on the street where he belongs. heres some great shots of mat and rachelle before getting married. goodbye to trash. hope you get what you deserve! oh and all the ladies out there be warned this guy will say and do pretty much anything to get what he wants.

He looks to small to be a fire fighter, shoulda been red flag #1.- nik

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