THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK This is my ex-boyfriend, Michael Baldwin. He told me he was divorced and his ex wife ran away with his child. In May, when we were talking he was telling me he loved me and couldn’t wait to be home with me (he was in Afghanistan), I found out he was trying to make things work with his wife. I confronted his wife via Facebook about him. Turns out this chick isn’t crazy – this guy is a dumb ass who doesn’t want anything to do with his kid, won’t pay child support, is telling every girl he meets that he is divorced! His wife said he told her he wouldn’t divorce her because he wants to collect BAH. He was supposed to EAS but is being held for injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident – biggest waste of government money! Now he is dating some new girl with a new kid. Ladies BEWARE. He lied to me about being married and tries to make himself look like the victim! Its a scam!

The internet ruined the out of state trick.- nik