Marvin Okello The Mutt

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Marvin Okello The Mutt

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Marvin Otuki Okello is the lowest form of human you will ever find. Why? Well for starters he is a compulsive liar. Everything he says is a lie. For example…he lies about working, he says he worked at Best Buy, and Sobeys..both of which are false..we checked. He lies about money, saying he will pay you back, and never does. This leads us nicely in to his crowning shit-bag achievement. When our previous roommate moved out, he posted an ad on kijiji to find a replacement. Marvin replied, and our first impressions of him were fine. This quickly changed. We started noticing that things were missing, but of course Marvin had no idea what could have happened. He told us that he had met with the landlord and gave him the cheques for rent…again a lie. We found out 2 weeks later when the landlord called and said that we owed him 400 for Marvin’s share of the rent, and that Marvin had never met with him. When we confronted the scum sucking maggot about this he said he did, and didn’t know what the landlord was talking about. You guessed it, another lie. He said that he had paid the damage deposit..which was a lie because the damage deposit was already paid by us. We again confronted his worthless ass about this and he said he was going to go to his parents house and get some money. He left and never came back. He instead sent us a message saying he would meet and give us the money he owed 400 for rent, 85 for utilities, but would not be moving back in. We would go to these meetings, and Marvin would not show. We also found out through friends that he had done this before to other people, and is currently pulling that same stunt on Wellington Street. He is the epitome of all that is worthless. His soul purpose in life is to waste the oxygen that us good people breathe. I hope that his friend and family see this and learn the truth about the bottom sucker known as Marvin. I hope he one day finds himself is a dark, wet, sh*t-covered hole. It is the only place for him.

Why would you lie about working at Best Buy and Sobeys…both are minimum wage jobs.- nik

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