Mary Caroline Watters Of WKU

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Mary Caroline Watters of WKU

Mary Caroline Watters of WKU

Mary Caroline Watters of WKU

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mary Watters from WKU. She sleeps with EVERY guy she meets including, her friends, her boyfriend’s (whichever guy she is “dating” at the time) friends, and other girls boyfriends whether they are married or not. She thinks she’s really hot especially ever since she started doing cke and mth and lost all that weight (but she thought she looked good even when she was fat.) She’s a total alcoholic psycho stalker once she sets her sights on a guy. She latches on like a parasite and starts as much drama as she can. This girl is plain nasty and really gets around (much like the drd she undoubtedly carries.) All of KY should be on the lookout for this nasty sk*nk.

Does she wear shoulder pads…- nik

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