Mary J. Blige, Could You Look More Annoyed?

Mary J. Blige, Could You Look More Annoyed?

Mary J. Blige was recently spotted departing at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California. While we’ve always been big fans of hers, she looked extremely annoyed when the press spotted her… and we’re not sure why.

She’s been a big star since the early 90’s, so by this point, being recognized by the press should be no big deal to her.

Mary, your new album Strength of a Woman– which came out a few weeks ago- has been performing really well on the Billboard charts. You should be happy and celebrating, and bragging about that to the press, not looking miserably upset and annoyed.

While the movie There’s Something About Mary is a classic comedy, there’s definitely something about Mary in this clip- and it’s clearly not a laughing matter.

We hope that the next time Blige is spotted she’s in a better mood… something tells us it couldn’t get worse than this.

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