Master Manipulator

Master Manipulator

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Joshua Slattery 31 years old is the biggest manipulator in Chicago! He thinks he’s got game but he loses every time! He says anything he can to pick up young chicks and bring them back to his moms house who he lives with and fcks them in the next room! To top that off he has a baby that he doesn’t take care of but uses the child to lure these girls over while his mom is watching the baby. Then fcks these girls in th same room as his son. He’s lower than low! He’s been seen pushing around his baby’s mother. Even while she was pregnant. He tried to kill the baby before he was born and when that didn’t work he tried to manipulate the mother into believing he was going to be there for her and the baby. But instead he just uses her! He disrespects her and the child! He leaves the baby with soiled diapers because he’s too busy playing around with hoes when he should be taking care of that baby boy! What a tool! He has multiple women thinking they are the “only one”. He should be thinking about who is number One! That should be his child. But it’s not. He’s a fucking idiot too because his sons mother is HOT AS FUCK! He’s should be damn lucky to have such a beautiful woman with such a great heart. She’s a fantastic mother and he takes her for granted. If it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t have such an amazing boy. He doesn’t know how good he has it. This dude is a fuck up! Someone set him straight! He’s gonna lose 2 of the most amazing people to enter his life. If he doesn’t want them there are plenty of us nice guys like myself that would cherish what he has and doesn’t realize it! This guy is such a tool! Ladies don’t fall for his bullshit! I’ve seen him personally do this to a lot of women but especially to the mother of his child. His mother should be ashamed for raising such a disrespectful asshole like this! Joshua Slattery get the fck out of the gym and take care of your child and his mother. Do what a REAL MAN should do! Stop preying on these young girls in their 20’s. You’re over 30 dude! Grow the fck up! Who do you think you’re fooling man? Stop disrespecting women! Take care of your responsibilities and BE A MAN!

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