Master of Manipulation

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THE DIRTY ARMY: His one is quite the piece of charming cake. Johnny Dederick aka Jean Raplh Stephan Dederick is busy making his mark all over Canada. First here in Ottawa, Barrie, Toronto and then moved to Winnipeg and now this master of manipulation has moved to Quispamsis New Brunswick. He will charm you and you will think he’s the one. Well just ask all his ex’s let them tell you what he’s like. He will use you to his own purpose and then poof he’ll move on. He already has a posting on here in Ottawa busting him for what he did to his girlfriend in Winnipeg. That’s if he hasn’t left her already and moved onto a new mother with children or another woman. Ladies he’s dirty, he uses woman, he’s not worth your time or your heart ache. I can’t stress enough that he’s the biggest LOOSER you will ever come across. I tried warning his girlfriend in Winnipeg and she wouldn\’t listen and this a warning to all you ladies in Quispamsis and St. John, New Brunswick. He will USE YOU. Plus I heard he’s infecting woman with HPV. He got that from one of his many woman he slept with here in Ottawa. I pitty ALL woman that come across this so called man I can\’t stress enough how much of a pathetic USER, LOOSER he is. So good luck to those who either meet him, sleep with him, go out with him. He will get want he wants from you and then leave you. He\’s a runner. Ask him if you don\’t believe me go ask his previous girlfriends here in Ottawa and the last one in Winnipeg. They’ll tell you. So go check out Lock Up your Men woman of Ottawa (posted here on the dirty). Go see what he will do to you. He did it to his last one and that poor girl was son naive and had to read what he was saying and doing behind her back. HE BELONGS ON HERE

He won’t be able to manipulate after he loses his hairline (which is clinging to life).- nik

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