Mean Gay

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Your site would not be complete if you don’t expose this little charmer cleverly known as “GSR” He is a constant and dedicated “discreet” grindr fixture (i.e complete closet case) He is what you would call a mean gay, you know them, wears designer underwear and drinks protein shakes, is a total soulless bitch and spreads rumors for the hell of it. He only uses protection when it is enforced. He may be decent to look at, but is dumb as a brick. G here, is telling people that a friend of mine has DRDs when in fact, the aforementioned friend has an impeccable safe sex regime. More so then anyone else I know really. GSR, I’m sure he’s appalled you think so little of him -_-. Do you make stuff like that up to feel a little more secure? God, you’re like Ahab. Man, you are such a busybody. If you’re going to attempt to smear someones reputation, it would be much less duplicitous if you yourself haven’t had more balls in your mouth than hungry hungry hippos, or taken half the dicks in multiple cities bareback. Stop being so loose sweety, it’ll be good for you. PS. I’ve chosen to post this modest pic, however to anyone interested he takes requests on Grindr and seeing him naked is easier then a visit to Tim Horton’s for coffee.

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