Mean Mug Pug

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mean mug pug

mean mug pug

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pug lookin sloot is tiffany marr. She resides in Midlothian, TX with her ugly boyfriend.  She basically thinks she’s the sh*t and talks like she’s the baddest b*tch around, when in reality she mooches off of every guy she gets with, cheats on them, has no future goals or real life experience whatsoever.  Just looking at her pictures makes me want to smack her. She makes the same face in every picture and apparently thinks it’s cool to rock a stomach pooch. She looks like a tranny, which wouldn’t surprise me.  All this chick does every day is stalk ex boyfriends and hang out at WalMart. She has no friends at all, and guys if you come across this sloot she’s probably good for a one night f*ck but that’s it, don’t let her get ahold of your money. Unless you want to buy her a gym membership.

She looks like big bird if he were a drug addict.- nik

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