Meaty Mandy Raiche

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Toxic slooty junkie Mandy Marie it again ! Hey Nik, The Dirty sloot Amanda Raiche is back at it again. (Just google or search Mandy Raiche and there you’ll find her!) She’s Still smoking crck, mth, any kind of pills and always fucked up to the point where she cant even remember who she fcks and what she does. She will steal anything for drug money. She will fck any guy she meets. She brags about every ugly guy she fcks. Hopefully they wore protection, cuz she is swimming with disease. She’s told me she has genital warts and doesn’t tell any of the guys she sleeps with. She has also said she’s “Lost track after around 65 people.. this sloot is only 21 and been pregnant 8 X Its hard to say if she was born retarded, or if all the crack made her that way. She is the dirtiest sloot you have ever met. Her dirty ugly crotch can be smelled from a block away. She cant even afford her own clothing she’s stolen my lingerie (As seen above, being worn backwards?!) my underwear, Disgusting pig I really do feel sorry for her she has serious daddy issues. She thinks if she gets 9 abortions, she gets the 10th for free. This skank only thinks about drugs and Greg. Meaty Mandy is proud of her gross flappy ass cunt and just as proud of her faggalette tattoo on her stomach. She was trying to be a juggalette, but they put faggalette for a reason. Shes a FAKE. Talk shit behind the backs of people who do everything for her, the definition of hood rat free riding sloot. True Story. I punched this whore out last week and she attempted to post me on the dirty..NICE TRY BIATCH you cant even spell , illiterate dirty pig. Her Boyfriend Kyle Cleary is also a dirty little tool. Just as dirty. She was pregnant a month ago and lost it due to doing too much drugs.2.4 lbs baby doesn’t deserve that kind of life with that kind of “Mother” She had no idea who knocked her up. Admitted to just wanting welfare money. Same thing last year she lost another one for the same reason, Its really pathetic she thinks she’s a player but she doesn’t realize that she’s passed around like a joint ! Stay away from Mandy Raiche and her bologna hole, seriously. You’ll end up with the dose or drdl. Infected, infested, disgusting and conniving.

That shirt should be drawn much tighter.- nik

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