Meet Britters

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Br*ttany britters, shes is the local joke around Grand Rapids. This girl has been trying to be a model for so long and has only managed to make a website about herself. Whats funny is the photographers will take her money and her pictures but not post them on their own page. She used to be a gogo dancer. All the models in GR know who she is and all make fun of her. The real juice hit when her boyfriend (who shes obsessed with) left her for a much better looking younger girl (funny she has been put on the dirty too) Am*ren. He ended up getting that girl preggo and ran back to britters. Shes so obsessive now that went out and bought a fake engagement ring. And shes even more obsessed with the 19 year old than she is her boyfriend (which is scary if you knew how crazy she is when it comes to him). Whats really sad is the way she talks, look up brittany from Daria (the old MTV show). You tell me nik is she the next big thing. lol

You can’t hide those teeth forever.- nik

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