Meet Chasity Mitchell

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, big fan! this chicks name is Chasity Mitchell, shes the biggest whore ever, she sleeps with guys anytime and she’ll drop it anywhere. She’s soo fake she wears too much makeup and she looks f*cking asian and a lot of make up with skin tight clothes, not attractive!!!!!! She thinks all these chicks are hating on her at her school and she doesn’t even know the full story we ain’t talking sh*t about her she just assumes that that’s why she ain’t got no friends at her school. She’s a dumb b*tch she cant even pass her grade and she’s already 19 and still in grade 10 she says that when someone talks sh*t about her she confronts them, well she does that alright on FACEBOOK!! F*cking internet`G its pathetic she couldn’t even say all this sh*t to my friends when they walked passed her at school that bitch better watch her back imma catch her on the slip. So Nik, what do you gotta say about this?

I think the reason she looks like a noodle is because she is one.  Have you also been held back a few years…- nik