Meet Sadie Haas

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik this is Sadie Haas (she has been on here before). She is a bipolar, crazy, two faced, drug addict, wanna be model, wanna be DJ, stripper.  She keeps getting back with her deranged coke head ex who abuses her, threw her in jail, got her into all these crazy new drugs, cheats on her, and forced her (and by forced I mean physically abusing her) to go to rehab. If she doesn’t take her medication she gets very out of control and does fucked up things, like cut herself in front of her ex with a knife just to make him stay and/or punch holes in walls (man do I feel bad for her landlords). She can’t do anything for her self, in fact the only thing she has ever (kind of) completed in her life was Beauty School and even then she hasn’t done anything to get her license. She lives off the government and takes off her clothes for money. All she does is get f*cked up, party, and have sex with anything that has two legs. Her vagina probably has a bunch of crazy brand new drds that no one has ever heard of.  She always cries about how she has no body there for her, but Nik she pushes/drives everybody including her family out of her life with all her crazy bipolar mood swings and pointless drama. Not everyone can drop everything they are doing to come her every need, others have their own lives that they need to attend to. Being in her life is a 24/7 job that you don’t get paid for. In fact the only payment you get is disrespect. Seriously if you see her just walk the other way, she will not only keep screwing up her life, but your life too!

She looks different in all her pictures.- nik

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