Melony The Rat

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Melony THE RAT necan pt 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this low life drug selling, no education, goof was posted up a few weeks ago and I just wanted to comfirm with everyone that she does have big nasty tits with huge cookie nipples lol only cuz shes a fckin fat bannock lard ass indian with zero morals but yet pretends to be all “traditional” and shit its funny cuz she thinks that only a few people have pictures of her tits and its a shit load not like they’re very nice to look at anyway and you know thats her because of her ugly ass cheap tatty she has on her arm that got done with a homemade gun can you say “GHETTO!” like seriously Mia you expect to take pics of your nasty tits, send them to everyone thinkin your super hot, which by the way you need a reality check and a good long look in the mirror, and not get posted on the dirty? hahaha dumbass karmas a bitch thats why your getting so much more uglier and uglier everyday, starting to look like the true witch and rat we all know you are.

I don’t understand why she would see nudes, a sane person wouldn’t be turned on by those orange peels.- nik

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