Mental Satan Worshipper

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Daniel Reading, He is crazy! He believes in Dragons, witch craft, Death spells and worshipping the Devil. He claims to be in a Coven that can ki*l people with curses. He says that him, Melody Happy (Reno’s Favorite) and Jacob Sockness are the most evil powerful magic people alive. He also sent out facebook messages to 8 people threatening that he and Jacob Sockness were going to break into their homes, slit their throats and bathe in their blood. The Police have been notified of these threats. Everyone needs to know to avoid these people, not because they have special powers but because they are a menace to society and need to be locked up. They call themselves Blood Raven. Daniel is also on SSI because he has been deemed mentally unstable. If someone is Deemed mentally unstable don’t you think instead of the government giving them our hard earned tax dollars that they Just lock these people up and get them the professional help they need instead of giving them money and letting them free to roam our streets?! When Daniel Drinks alcohol he is beyond insane, I have witnessed him drunk and he is very dangerous, He could very likely go on a shooting spree killing many innocent people. Please Reno Beware of these People they are crazy delusional freaks.

I would not mess with this guy, he’s gunna cast a spell on all of us.- nik

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