Messed Up Aaron

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is a washed up meth head Army wannabe, well he can now be on the Dirty Army! He used to be huge for quite some time, then after started doing meth and swears hell get clean and never does, he has 4 kids that most of us know about, but probably has more as he NEVER wraps it! He doesn’t look after any of his kids and always hurts and manipulates the nice girls and chats on them with trannys, guys and other girls who are dirty and m*thes out. He’s also a jail bird, in and out in and out just as much as he is with with, everyone. Or anyone, he’ll fck you if you let him. Eeeeasy Aaron! Take some more of your anti pyschotics and start going to your AA and NA meetings. He wont go to those either, he forges signatures. Thinks he is a mad tattoo artist yet if you go on facebook he has it as Fallen Angles….its ANGELS! Fcking idiot can’t even spell! Claims that most of his family is dead, yeah more like imbigously dead cuz they don’t want his stank around anymore. He goes by Aaron Flett and Aaron Mcdougall. Oh yeah and that fallen angles one lol. Anyways he was with a girl on the 20th this december, 10 days later and after failed detox he has made a new fb account and is now in a relationship with a beverly wood. He didn’t even break it offf with that girl before. CHEATER. And after he does this hw goes on about how its girls who were crazy and huet him….yet its him! He’ll make up anything to get you to feel sorry for him. Take it from those who.have seen his activity on facebook inside out. Nightly attender of aquarius too, remember, he never wraps it! Please expose this butt pirate, tranny screwing fg for what he is! An abusive, lying, cheating deadbeat mth head who you really can’t give the title ‘dad’, that would insult his children.

Guys who take body shots are for the gays.- nik

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