Meth Head

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Meth head skankkkk

Meth head skankkkk

Meth head skankkkk

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty, this is Danielle. She is 21 years old, with two sons. One of which lives with her baby daddy and one that ” lives” with her. The baby daddy of her second child is in PRISON. For what? For meth, making it and taking it. I might add that Danielle was doing meth also even WHILE pregos with her second child. She’s a smart one. I heard that she had to go all the way to Texas to have the baby, because as most people know, when you do meth the baby can be born as an addict also! It is PHYSICALLY painful for a baby to go through withdrawals, which is why hospitals ween the baby off slowly. Did Danielle do the responsible thing and tell the hospital about her doing the drugs while pregnant? NOOO, of course not. So her baby had to suffer from withdrawals. This girl went from looking very decent, to looking like a starving child from Africa real fast. I literally wanted to shove a chicken down her throat when I saw her. She claims that she is an amazing mother, yet she barely sees her one child and her new baby, seems to be in the hands of other people quite a lot. I’ve heard through the grapevines that she had another pregnancy scare! How can this be, since the love of her life is in prison? I wonder how he would feel when he finds out shes been sleeping around at the parties she goes too?

I’m guessing she sacrificed her own food rations for her baby. So famished, she can’t even smile. -nik

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