Michael Diante Buys All His Friends


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dirty FIDM scum.

dirty FIDM scum.

dirty FIDM scum.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this creepy FIDM predator needs to be put on blast!! Michael Diante is a spoiled brat who uses daddys money to throw parties, get drugs and basically buy his friends. He’s also kinda psychotic, he acts like a gentleman and tries to “wine and dine” girls one after another. He says he wants a wifey but he just wants someone to be there for him 24/7 cause this p*ssy can’t be on his own, hence why he buys peoples affection.  But the main reason that girls should stay away is cause apparently he steals girls panties after f*cking them and tapes them to his wall. I went to a party at his place and saw a thong taped to his bedroom wall. There were only one pair but this girl in my class thats friends with him told me that they heard he has had more hung up. What kind of pervert takes girls used panties?  He thinks he has so much f*cking swag but he is the complete opposite.

Straight guys don’t go to FIDM. That is a gay and chick (scam) school.- nik

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