Michael Madsen Reminds Us Of Donald Trump

Michael Madsen Reminds Us Of Donald Trump

We think Michael Madsen might be taking some lessons from President Donald Trump in terms of how to respond to questions and hand gestures.

Recently, when spotted out, Madsen was asked about a reunion. “It was the best man. It was the greatest.” We all know Trump loves words like “greatest” and repeating them, so we started to be reminded of Trump again when Madsen then talked about a Reservoir Dogs reunion.

Specifically, Madsen stated, “They just had one at Tribeca. It was the greatest.”

Then, in true Trump form, he gave the cameras a thumbs up.

We don’t know if Madsen is a Trump fan or not, but he definitely seems to be taking lessons on how to incorporate buzz words and hand gestures when talking to people. Very interesting.


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