Michael Moore Takes To Broadway To “Unseat Trump”

Michael Moore Takes To Broadway To “Unseat Trump”

Michael Moore  is coming to Broadway this summer with a show entitled The Terms of My Surrender.

The show, which a press conference was recently held for, is being billed as asking “Can a Broadway show bring down a sitting President?” It also is mentioned in its description that “To unseat a President, it will take an act of Broadway.”

At the press conference for the show’s announcement, Moore said, “From Jonathan Swift to Mark Twain to Richard Pryor to Louis C.K. to Melissa McCarthy, we have seen the impact of people who are willing to stick their necks out with their sense of humor.”

“Sometimes the court Jester had his head lopped off,” he continued, “but many times it allowed people a chance to- it was the only way they could attack the King, was with humor.”
While Moore’s films have always garnered a lot of attention, we can’t wait to see how he fares when he hits the great white way. We’re sure it’s going to be epic.

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