Michaela Slooter Schuster


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Facebook celebrity, Michaela Schuster. She’s friends with thousands of people on her facebook page, more than half are people she doesn’t know. She’s so self-absorbed she has another page too. This girl is one of the biggest sluts in Avon, Oberlin and Lakewood. Shes gone from school to school, job to job, city to city, dating and banging random dudes. She claims that shes ugly, yet she always taking selfies? She updates her relationship status every 2 months with a different guy. Dudes try too hard to get her attention and always be liking and commenting her statuses and pictures. She always ignore these guys, but it’s like, why would you send and accept friend requests from strangers if you don’t want to socialize with them? She’s a crappy friend, she always standing up and blowing off people who try hanging out with her. Then she always makes up excuses, saying either her phone wasn’t working, or she didn’t get any calls/text. She knows damn well she ignores people intentionally and doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Say that name 5 times fast.- nik

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