Michel Beetz The Ultimate Catfish


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh nik do I have a story for you! Once there was a bespecled, pimple faced, skinny nerd who wanted to live a real life. So he googled his name and found out he shared it with Michel van Beetz of Elite Models. He decided to become that person. He went to the Salvation Army and picked up a suit. He purchased knock off sun glasses (yes, he wears them at night) and made some free vista print business cards. He lives two lives now. He works at a car dealership in Oak Lawn by day and preys on young naive model wanna bees at night. He has a steady flow of women and over 3,000 likes on his facebook. Well his cocky posts were a bit too extravagant and obnoxious and I found out he is a fraud. Normally I’d feel sorry for him but he is talking trash about the industry and people he doesn’t even know. His fan page [removed]

Sloots never question a suit, its like the blond hair effect on guys.- nik

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