THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chelsea Finch. Most of the men in Roseville, St clair shores, Warren and eastpointe know her. Shit pretty much all of the metro detroit area!! Where to begin?? I believe the devil chose her to do his light work. She is pure evil. She is loyal to no one, Not even herself. She has been around the block more then a few times hence the multiple claymidia infections. She betrayed one of her best friends since child hood by sleeping/dating her child’s father, in turn getting pregnant by him as well. Couldn’t give a shit about her kid when he was born, was nose deep in her phone and other peoples drama instead of diapers and bottles. Over time she cheated on her baby’s dad with her new best friends boyfriend, with her baby’s dads 17 year old brother and a few of his 17 year old friends. Shes the definition of trash!! She thinks for some reason she is gods gift to men..actually she actually thinks she is just gods gift to the earth!! She sends naked pictures of her nasty body to pretty much everyone. Shes made up lies to cause drama or to get her way. She has pretty much slept or tried to sleep with every guy that her friends are with or like. Its about time people see what trash this Cum dumpster really is. She has no remorse for the people that she has hurt. She feeds on it. It is like her goal in life to stir up drama or to manipulate a situation.

That paragraph will soon turn into a story.- nik