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THE DIRTY ARMY: Mike Skorodenski is one of those special people that the world evidently doesn’t need, but we are forced to endure him. He likes little girls as he cannot get anyone his own age, which is 30 now. He imagines that he is a big gangster for the HA or is it RM, whom ever it is, neither wants him. You can always catch him in the summer driving his red Impala.Or his moms car to be exact. He has broken so many ties he has run out of any. And now resides with living with his mother. Yes you heard it, full time. He is 30 and has to live with his mother. Not sure about any real gang members, but I do not think any live with their mother. The pictures tell the entire story, as you see in the what he likes to claim, he played hockey, this was false, he played ringette. And look at his big head, you can just tell he was destined to have some sort of downs syndrom. Yes he is still a fat porker, I am sure he is working on 300 pounds with a 2 inch pencil. It is a wonder he can still see it. But I do not want to get to graphic as no one wants to visualize this guy naked. So on to more, you will all remember him from Silverado’s where he got fired from as he never really showed up for work, and was a back up bouncer, and in that I mean, he always hid behind other bouncers. He would wait till they took a person down, then he would jump on them. The manager, JACK, was his one time and only friend. He screwed that relationship up as he had to play gangster wannabe and start crap with him. Now this tool is banned from the entire chain of bars. If you see this guy and you are a young girl, please stay away, he is bad news for many reasons, and not just his drd…… Btw Mike, when you finally get to this, make sure you have my money that you owe, or we will be seeing you soon. And I hope your mother can bail you out once again. Think happy thoughts.

I think its pretty obvious he doesn’t play hockey, he’s old n fat.- nik

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