THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so how funny is it that Liam finally pulled the plug on his and Miley’s relationship? Why did it take him so long. EVERYONE knows men sleep with the party girls, but marry the one’s they can take home to their mothers. Ya know a lady is the streets but a freak in the sheets? Pre-buzz cut Miley acutally had potential at being a serious celebrity.. but then got hooked on the adderall and sold her soul and now Liam wants nothing to do with her. I mean the girls looks like a stick with 2 balls on her head.. like wtf kinda look is she going for? Why would she ruin her looks like that?! Karma’s a b*tch Miley.. and in this case a really pretty b*tch named Eiza Gonzalez, that has long hair and an ounce of class. Just proves your point Nik, wh*res never win… keep your dignity and you’ll win eventually. So glad Liam’s back on the market… he is WAAAY to good for that trashy Miley trainwreck.

Yeah, but wh*res make money and Miley knows that.- nik