Miranda Kerr – You Can Catch Me At Catch

Miranda Kerr – You Can Catch Me At Catch

Former Bloom and VS model Miranda Kerr at Catch restaurant in WeHo. Miranda is one of the nicest celebs when it comes to civilians. She always stops for fans and makes sure they’re thanked for stalking her. I know everyone thinks Miranda is with the Snapchat dude for $$$. But I don’t believe it. She made over 7 million last year in modeling contracts, not child support payments. That’s almost impossible when you’re 30 years old as a female model. So it has to be real love.

And can I just say from my heart, the food at Catch is terrible. I’ve been there twice – service was sub par and every chick at the bar made my buddy AJ Hamm buy them drinks. They didn’t ask, they assumed … very aggressive Cougars who think they aren’t Cougars. They really need to fix their atmosphere model game, so sick of going to LA and seeing the same old bottle rats from 2007, two kids deep thinking life is a do-over and name dropping Dean May.

Thank God Tao Group is coming to town.


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