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THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to Greg Cleveland. He’s from San Diego and living in Clinton, MS. He obviously needs to go back where he came from because he dresses like a douche. He thinks all the girls want him, but all the girls he is every looking at are underage. Can we say pedophile? These girls better watch out, because word is that he has A*DS and drd. This guy is so money hungry it is ridiculous. He is always looking for free stuff, and always arguing prices. He acts like his shit don’t stink and he always has to have the best of everything. Speaking of the best of everything, wouldn’t you want that for you child if you are a parent? That’s right, he doesn’t support his kid! Yet, he talks about how great of a parent he is. If he is so wound up in his San Diego lifestyle, maybe he should just carry his trashy cracker ass back. He’s not going to bring the “San Diego swag” to Mississippi even if his life depended on it. On top of all that, he claims to be a fighter, yet a lot of people have never seen him fight… He just hops around like an idiot high on m*th. So if you see this little misfit around the area, please point him in the direction of the west coast..

He dreams of some guy being able to fill out/fit into, that handlebar on his side.  I decided.- nik

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