Miss Black Virginia 2013


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Miss Black Virginia USA 2013, Natasha Stovall failed to make an apperance at her own charity event in DC. My company was approached by Shannon Quarles (who represents Miss Natasha) in October of 2012 to host a private shopping event for Natasha Stovall, where there would catered food, raffle items, and party favors. We even agreed to a 10% proceed donation to Miss Natasha’s charity, which supports children and reading. My company followed through on all aspects of the planning, when the day came, Natasha Stovall and Shannon Quarles pretty much vanished. After purchasing everything thing Shannon Quarles requested that be served at this event, and having a double staffed team awaiting her, she failed to answer calls, emails, and texts. None of her 30 guests showed up either that night, which makes it clear she never invited any. While going above and beyond during the busiest time of the year it is shocking that someone of this stature would be elected to represent an entire state. It saddens us that in the season of giving that she would allow an opprotunity to pass by. Point blank, these children will not be getting books for Christmas thanks to Miss Black Virginia 2013’s actions.

Don’t you have to be relevant to host those things.- nik

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